more than a bracelet



Our jewelry is about giving someome less fortunate the chance to overcome their current circumstance and do good. Do good for themselves, their families, their community. Its about giving someone the opportunity to use their skills and work. We've seen it bring dignity, purpose and changes lives and we want to see more of it. Each time you purchase an OKO bracelet, you are joining our mission to employ those less fortunate. 


S I M P L E  +  M O D E R N

At OKO we aim to design pieces that are simple and modern yet eye catching. We strive to find the highest quality of natural stones and then combine them in a unique way to create each piece of jewelry. We love earthy tones and a lot of the color palettes we choose are inspired by places we love. The beach we live on, the mountains of the village where the jewelry is made, the sunrise from a wide open landscape. We hope that you love our designs, feel good wearing them, and that your OKO jewelry becomes your "go-to". 


W H O L E S A L E 

If you are interested in carrying our bracelet line in your store, we would love to hear from you. You can e-mail us at for more information.